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Interesting facts

How Vani Snacks wheat sticks are produced?

Как се произвеждат пшеничните пръчициOver the years, the consumption of wheat sticks gained significant popularity, so for us it is very important to offer our customers high quality products on the market, and also explain them as detailed as possible what is the  technology of their production.
For the manufacture of our wheat stick we are using a special machine called an extruder. The first step is placing the semolina in a special hopper, wrom which it is going to be fed in the dispensing unit of the extruder. When it gets into the in the machine, also called screw under the force of friction of metals the semolina forms fraction, which gradually increases its volume. At the end of the screw there is an aperture with knives which define the shape of the sticks. Please note that our products are not fried. The entire process takes place in a closed environment at high temperature. Is identical to baking. The expanded and ready wheat sticks are fed into a cylinder for flavoring through gravitational transporter. To acquire distinctive, desirable flavor they are sprayed with minimum amount of vegetable oil.
All our products do not contain any colorants or preservatives. Exactly the lack of coloring agents is the reason why "Vani Snacks" wheat sticks have a natural wheat color.
As a conclusion, it can be said that this is a well spared from chemical processes natural product, which with minimal processing is produced to its full final version and ready consumption.

Why we prefer wheat semolina instead of corn semolina?

Защо пшенична вместо царевична грисRegular consumption of wheat and wheat products nourishes your body with energy, strengthens and stimulates the immune system. Wheat contains vitamins A and D, which are the basis for healthy hair and skin.

Wheat is very rich in vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 and is considered Vitamin E champion among all cereals. Its contents also include phosphorus, potassium, zinc and iron. It is rich in fiber.

Are wheat sticks suitable for diets?

Хранителен режимIn each diet it is essential that food, which is consumed is healthy, low-calorie and simultaneously stodgy and satisfying its consumers. Wheat Sticks carry precisely these basic qualities, they are easily digestible, stodgy product. As already mentioned, they do not contain preservatives and colorings that could have a negative impact on your body.