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  • Вани Снакс / Vani Snacks
  • Вани Снакс / Vani Snacks
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Company history

    "Vanya - 2004" Ltd. - Bulgaria, Sliven is founded in 2004. The companys main activity is the production of wheat sticks under the brand "Vani Snacks". The company manufactures products that are targeted at all age groups.

Вани Снакс

    Under the brand name "Vani Snacks" there is a variety of wheat sticks with aromatic flavor of butter, bacon, paprika, pizza, corn snack with a sweet taste, and wheat sticks with a variety of attractive surprises specifically aimed at younger fans of our products. For us they are the top priority and constant push to do researches and seek out unusual and innovative technologies in our industry. Our specialists are constantly interested in the latest fashion trends in toys. A significant part of the toys used to surprise our customers are directly imported from China, to enable the fans of the brand to be the first to experience the newest and most popular models of toys even before they appear in the mass Bulgarian market. Each toy, which the company uses for its products has proven origin and is certified according all European standards.

    "Vanya - 2004" Ltd. is a Bulgarian manufacturer who operates HACCP quality system. The main objective of the company is to provoke constant interest and maintain flawless and high level of production.

    Our studies in recent years have shown a significant interest in healthy and nutritious in the food industry. "Vanya - 2004" stands fully behind this cause and provoked by this interest, we decided to risk and try to impose a new technology in the production of wheat sticks. In recent years we significantly reduced the presence of salt in our products as we brought down its content to minimum.
Fat is another important flavor characteristicr, playing a significant role in the achievment of the desired taste. Removing them surely would have a negative impact on the enjoyment of the taste of the customer. To find a compromise, we use fats of vegetable origin, in care for our customers health.

    In the recent years we got rid of all "E's" in our products. This was a very brave step which is now a distinctive characteristic for all our products.

    To achieve memorable and provoking interest, we created packaging for our products that comply fully with the taste preferences and aesthetic perceptions of our customers. For doing this we made preliminary studies among them. 

    Another quality guarantee of all "Vani Snacks" branded products is our long term cooperation with well-known and proven market suppliers. As well as the professionalism of the staff involved in the production of our products.